Audit of the Security Service of a major retail chain

Аудит Службы безопасности крупной розничной сети.

As part of the forensic team, I participated in investigation of corruption in a well-known Western retail chain. We identified that the Security Service employees participate themselves in corruption schemes to such extent that they felt free to discuss the amount of ‘gratitude’ for the approval of a new supplier in corporate emails.  During the checks it was revealed that purchases, HR, logistics, finance were controlled by managers’ clans, and the Security Service patronized them. Any attempts of the General Director to change anything resulted in semi-criminal squabbles and threats, meetings with strong guys near the entrance of his house. We have gathered volumes of materials evidencing total corruption in the company and presented them to the Board of Directors. This resulted in changes in the company, but they are slow, and probably the company will have to be sold to one of the major Russian retailers.

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