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Dear colleagues,

I am a specialist in economic security or ‘Forensic’ in advisors’ terminology.

My twenty years’ experience shows that business owners can suffer enormous losses due to fraudulent actions of top managers of their own companies and third parties who conspired with them.

Assessment of risks of such damage to the shareholders’ interests, as well as conducting internal investigations in full compliance with corporate ethics is our exclusive expertise. The mission of my team is to assist beneficiaries in avoiding such risks.

During these years, I managed to assemble a team of professionals that implemented numerous joint projects with leading law firms, in-house lawyers and law enforcement officers. Unlike other advisors on the Forensic services market, we are a team of practitioners who provide assistance when necessary, propose tailor-made solutions, render the specific service that the client needs, have a thorough understanding of the security market, as well as the specifics of the client’s activities. Independence of assessment is our advantage.

I appreciate your time and instead of boring descriptions of methodology, missions, visions etc., I would like to offer you a description of our cases for you could get an idea of what we do, the scope of our expertise, as well as enjoy reading our detective stories…

My expertise in the field of economic security

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Security service audit

Recommendations on optimizing the security services, taking into consideration the risks existing in a given enterprise, including:

  • developing a physical security concept for the facility: calculation of the optimal number of control posts on the territory, security composition and functions, working schedule, necessary equipment;
  • elaborating documentation for access control procedures, control of moving of material resources, raw material, ready-made products, removal of waste and spoiled products;
  • elaborating the system of quality control for security services, reporting of a Private Security Agency, applying KPI instruments for the assessment of security work.

Audit of technical security systems

Audit of technical security systems enabling control of access, video surveillance etc., developing recommendations to mitigate risks of losses for the enterprise by way of implementation of video analytics systems and other modern technologies.

Audit of IT security

Audit of IT security

Corporate investigations on corruption in companies

Corporate investigations on corruption in companies

Due diligence

Due diligence without involvement of the company, observing all corporate ethics standards. Checking staff and contractors. Detecting affiliated transactions.

Investigating facts of counterfeit goods appearance on the Russian market and facts of grey import

Investigating facts of counterfeit goods appearance on the Russian market and facts of grey import. Supporting clients in law enforcement agencies in the interests of the brand owner.

Investigations related to assets of companies and individuals stolen from the Russian Federation

Establishing accounts, immovable and movable property, investigation of ownership schemes of legal entities, including with participation of persons acting under a power of attorney and nominee directors, in the framework of civil and criminal cases, drafting lawyer’s requests for the courts and investigations in order to legalize evidence in criminal cases.

My clients

  • Shareholders and owners of companies

    interested in tacit inspection of top managers’ work, in independent assessment of the security service work and situation in their enterprises in general.

  • Top managers

    when it is necessary to check the corruption relations of employees.

  • Heads of security services

    who do not have enough employees for a particular task, for example, when a counterfeit product appeared on the market and it is necessary to identify locations of illegal production or facts of illegal import of the goods, places where packaging is manufactured.

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My cases

By the way, for many owners there is a question: to keep the SB in the state or to outsource? How to calculate it? How do I know if a PSC contractor pays taxes? What legal acts regulate the industry? And other questions. Our advantage is the independence of the assessment. Such appeals from shareholders or the CEO always keep the head of the Security Council in good shape, who, usually, is a trusted person and does not want to let anyone into his "clearing" for known reasons. We will conduct an audit of the risks and security system and give the owner an answer to this question as soon as possible.

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Emergency Assistance Program»

To support our customers 24/7, we have launched a special program - "Your Family Security Advisor"! Free consultations on any "fears" and risks that you are concerned about, for example, how to rent a car in Europe, what risks should be taken into account when traveling to Madagascar, etc.

We are ready to become your concierge service, so that you always feel our care for you and your loved ones.

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