Investigation of corruption and corporate fraud, audit of security service and technical equipment of facilities

Расследование фактов коррупции и корпоративного мошенничества, аудит службы охраны и технической оснащенности объектов.
  • When performing in-office audit, the Inspection of the Federal Tax Service (IFNS) charged additional VAT for the amount of about 20 mln USD to the Company in the result of its undue care and diligence when working with third parties, as the Company made payments to the vendors via which VAT was optimized. The Company paid VAT with all penalties and fines, and instructed our team to elaborate procedures and regulations for coordination and check of suppliers for a newly established compliance department in order to avoid such fines in future. We have prepared these documents within 1 month.
  • An internal Audit Department revealed numerous violations committed by the head of the Logistics Department. During the check, we were instructed to check whether the contracts concluded by him, were made on the market terms, including an agreement on the lease of warehouses with an area of 10,000 m2 in the Moscow Region. Our check revealed that the lease rate was inflated in comparison with the market rate. The contract was renewed at the rate reduced by 30%.
  • The Logistics Department proposed its management to import raw materials in sea containers (500 – 1000 pcs/month) via the port of Saint-Petersburg to the enterprise located in the Krasnodar Region. The managers persuaded the company management that it was the only adequate logistic solution. The company management had doubts, and we were instructed to check this scheme. Together with one of the customs brokers working in the port of Novorossiysk (the nearest port to the enterprise) we performed an expert examination and proposed a scheme for the import which allowed the company to save 50% of expenses for transporting import containers and to speed up customs clearance. 
  • A company instructed us to conduct an audit of technical security equipment on its facilities in order to minimize its expenses for the physical security of the facilities. Our work together with the security service resulted in reducing the expenses by 18%.

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